Off-Road Monster


Off-Road Monster

Gloss Black Milled

Lug Options: 5-Lug, 6-Lug, 8-Lug
Available in: 22x12.0

Other Finishes

Built for Added Toughness

The M14 Monster Off Road wheel will not only add style to your rig, but will also add to its toughness on and off the trails. The mesh-style design of the M14 will turn heads and incite an aggressive stance for your truck, Jeep or SUV. With milled windows and milled rivets, this off-road rim won’t disappoint. Built for added toughness, these wheels will more than live up to the hype on dirt, mud, pavement and any other terrain your rig encounters. With some M14s on your weekend warrior or work horse rig, you’ll garner elicit stares from those admiring your great taste in off-road rims!

Wheel Specifications

BrandWheel NameWheel NumberItem NumberSizeFinishLug PatternLug Pattern 2OffsetHub Diameter
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M140527N12GBM20x10.0Gloss Black Machined5x1275x139.7-1278.1
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M140550N12GBM20x10.0Gloss Black Machined5x139.75x150-12110.3
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M140607N12BM20x10.0Flat Black Machined6x1356x139.7-12106.4
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M140607N12GBM20x10.0Gloss Black Machined6x1356x139.7-12106.4
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M140639N12B20x10.0Flat Black6x139.7N/A-12106.4
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M140800N12GBM20x10.0Gloss Black Machined8Lug BlankN/A-12125.2
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M140865N12GBM20x10.0Gloss Black Machined8x165.1N/A-12125.2
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M140000N12BM20x10.0Flat Black MachinedBlankN/A-1278.1
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M140000N12GBM20x10.0Gloss Black MachinedBlankN/A-1278.1
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M14212527N44GBML22x12.0Gloss Black Milled5x127N/A-440
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M14212607N44GBM22x12.0Gloss Black Machined6x1356x139.7-44106.4
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M14212607N44GBML22x12.0Gloss Black Milled6x1356x139.7-44106.4
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M14212607N44R22x12.0Candy Red Milled6x1356x139.7-44106.4
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M14212865N44GBML22x12.0Gloss Black Milled8x165.1N/A-44125.2
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M14212000N44GBM22x12.0Gloss Black MachinedBlankN/A-4478.1
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M14212000N44GBML22x12.0Gloss Black MilledBlankN/A-4478.1
Off-Road MonsterM14M14M14212000N44R22x12.0Candy Red MilledBlankN/A-4478.1