Purchase Registration

Wheel purchase registration must be made via email to Strada Wheels Inc., within 30 days of purchase by the vehicle owner for warranty to be considered by Strada Wheel Group or its brands. Please submit a sales receipt of the original Strada Wheels purchase with the printed date and product descriptions or bill of sale where the wheel was purchased. Proof of purchase with dealer will be verified. Confirmation receipt via e-mail from Strada Wheels will be provided to verify your request for any future warranty considerations. Only with this receipt confirmation from Strada Wheels will your request be honored for review and does not confirm replacement or repair. This warranty is not transferable. Second-party purchases of Strada Wheels products are not covered under this warranty. Wheels that are purchased by our dealers as seconds or discounted items are also not covered under warranty, and thus cannot be registered for warranty protection.

Care Instructions

When washing aftermarket wheels, it is “strongly” recommended to use mild soap and water only. Harsh cleaning chemicals, abrasive products, car washes will cause wheels to dry out, crack, spot, discolor, peeling, or other finish issues. Wheels that are continuously exposed to moisture or other elements may develop surface rust or other issues. Surface rust can be prevented by proper care. Wheel corrosion may also be the result of prolonged contact with road salts, brake dust, harsh weather elements and the appearance of such corrosion constitutes neglect under the provisions of this warranty.

Warranty Limitation

This is a limited warranty of one year to the date of the original purchaser who owns the wheels. Strada Wheels warrants to the original purchaser that products will be free of structural, manufacturing, or material defects, if used under normal and intended use. Strada Wheels’ sole and exclusive obligation under this warranty, at their discretion, will be to repair, refinish, replace or discount wheels within one year of purchase. Such repair and replacement shall not include costs associated with the installation or removal of the product, or any shipping costs. The warranty covers cosmetic defects such as the peeling and separation due to bad adhesion of the chrome or paint from the wheel as a manufacture defect, provided that the wheel has been maintained in a proper manner including the use of detergents that do not harm in any way the chrome or painted finish.

The warranty does not cover surface rust, pitting, or other cosmetic defects due to neglect or improper care. Candy painted finishes carry a 120-day warranty against fading. All warranty claims must first be discussed with the authorized dealer and not directly to Strada Wheels. All claims due to cosmetic imperfections must be placed no later than 10 days after the original purchase and prior to installation. The customer understands that imperfections are common in aftermarket wheels and can be exchanged at the customer’s expense. Strada Wheels hereby disclaims all other warranties not expressly stated or implied.

Return Merchandise Authorization

Strada Wheel assumes no responsibility for the diagnosis, removal and installation labor, loss of vehicle use, loss of time, inconvenience, freight damage, or other consequential expense, in the process of a warranty claim. All returns, regardless of the reason, must be packaged and protected to ensure no additional damage happens during travel. Extra packaging, double boxing including original and additional protection, must be present and installed correctly. All returns are subject to additional freight charges. If damage occurs due to neglect in packaging, i.e., box burn or other, regardless of the reason for return, automatically voids the warranty and RMA, and no credit will be issued. In such cases, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs to return the damaged product within 30 days of inspection, or it will be considered forfeited and discarded. Strada Wheels is not responsible for any returned merchandise that has not been reclaimed after 30 days.

The customer is responsible for all freight charges (including import duties if applicable) on all returned merchandise to and from the nearest Strada Wheels authorized warranty location. Items will be accepted only with a Return Authorization number issued by Strada Wheels to the original place of purchase. The issuance of a return authorization does not constitute the acceptance of a warranty claim, as all merchandise received is subject to inspection and evaluation for warranty consideration.


Strada Wheels does not guarantee fitment. All products need to be fitted correctly onto a vehicle, with reference to correct load rating on both wheel and tire. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and installer to test fit wheels, check fender, suspension, and brake clearances BEFORE mounting tires on wheels. Wheels that have been mounted with tires will not be accepted for return. Wheels must be mounted with proper mounting equipment designed for aluminum wheels, in accordance with industry-standard mounting and balancing procedures. The use of spacers or adaptors on any of Strada Wheel removes any responsibility or liability by Strada Wheels. Strada Wheels brand of wheels are not intended for off-road or racing applications. Any such use will void the warranty and liability.

The purchaser assumes full responsibility and liability for any and all damages from all road hazards, impact of any kind, accidents (physical or chemical), and any ensuing damage to the wheels, vehicle, and passengers. Correct lug nuts, bolt lugs, studs, valve stems, balancing weights, and adherence to proper torque specifications are the installer’s responsibilities. Strada Wheels will not be held liable for any damages or injury arising from the installation of any aftermarket (non-original) wheels and tires. Any wheels with road hazard marks, curb damage, accidents, physical impact or chemical damages will void the warranty. 

Strada Wheels will not issue refunds for discontinued/blemished wheels and are not covered under this warranty. Wheel repair, refinishing, or replacements are the only remedies offered under this policy and only under the discretion of Strada Wheels. Warranty is voided if the wheel has been repaired or altered in any way. Strada Wheels has up to 90 days to repair or replace a wheel from the day the warranty if approved.

  • Unused merchandise must be returned free of damage, in its complete original packaging, and is subject to 20% restocking fee of the total invoice, no exceptions.
  • All special ordered items or special drilled sales are final, no exceptions.
  • Installation of an aftermarket wheel may require some modifications to the vehicle, which Strada Wheels is not responsible for.
  • User must return to installer before 100 miles of wheel purchase use to check nuts for proper torque.
  • WARNING: To avoid the possible risk of injury or death, wheel and tire must meet or exceed proper vehicle load rating.
  • Warranty disputes and claims that cannot be solved amicably must be resolved in San Bernardino County, California.

 The Wheel Warranty is Voided if

  1. The product is damaged in transit or misuse, installation/rotation, accident/negligence, repaired/altered, or has been modified by anyone other than Strada Wheels.
  2. Products that have been subject to corrosion of the finish due to neglect, caused by cleaning chemicals, harsh car washes, adverse weather conditions, impact and/or improper cleaning product care. Aftermarket wheel finishes are different from O.E. wheel finishes and wear differently.

Warranty Questions are to be directed to or write to Strada Wheels Inc., 560 S. Magnolia Ave, Ontario 91762.