Off-Road Monster


Off-Road Monster

Flat Black

Lug Options: 5-Lug, 6-Lug
Available in: 17x9.0 | 18x9.0

Other Finishes

Durable and Strong

If you’re looking for a standout off-road wheel, the M10 is what your rig needs! This Off Road Monster rim features a multi-spoke design that raises the bar on your rig’s exterior styling The M10 is dressed with 12 spokes, milled rivets with nuts and has an open lug design that allows it to fit various lug applications. These durable and strong wheels are perfect for high intensity situations - whether you’re on the trails or going hard in the dirt. The M10 off-road rims are perfect for those who value performance and style for their vehicles.

Wheel Specifications

BrandWheel NameWheel NumberItem NumberSizeFinishLug PatternLug Pattern 2OffsetHub Diameter
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10752700B17x9.0Flat Black5x127N/A078.1
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10752700BBZ17x9.0Flat Black Machined Bronze5x127N/A078.1
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10752700BM17x9.0Flat Black Machined5x127N/A078.1
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10763900B17x9.0Flat Black6x139.7N/A0106.4
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10763900BBZ17x9.0Flat Black Machined Bronze6x139.7N/A0106.4
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10763900BM17x9.0Flat Black Machined6x139.7N/A0106.4
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10851400B18x9.0Flat Black5x114.3N/A078.1
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10852700B18x9.0Flat Black5x127N/A078.1
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10852700BM18x9.0Flat Black Machined5x127N/A078.1
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10863900B18x9.0Flat Black6x139.7N/A0108
Off-Road MonsterM10M10M10863900BM18x9.0Flat Black Machined6x139.7N/A0108